Setup Facebook Pixels Through GTM




We will Setup Facebook Pixels Through GTM  ready for iOS 14+ tracking.

Are you looking For setting up Facebook Pixels through Google Tag Manager and Events tracking ?

Then you are at the right place.

Facebook pixels set up through GTM gives your facebook to load fast and Save your

  • money and time to go to your web developer
  • again and again to implement these Events tracking Java script codes
  • to the Back ends on your website.

Our Services:

  • Facebook Pixels Setup
  • Google Tag Manager Setup
  •  Fix IOS 14 Issues at only 40$
  • Standard Events
  1. Page View
  2. Add PaymentInfo
  3. Add To Cart
  4. Add To Wishlist
  5. Complete Registration, etc.
  • Custom Events


  1. Time on page (e.g. when you fire an event after a visitor spends 5 minutes on a page)
  2. Viewed a certain element
  3. Outbound link click
  4. Video play, etc.
  •     Search Tracking

Requirements : You have to give the

  1. emloyee access to your Business managerand
  2. admin access to business Website

For better Understanding your requirements, Please Leave a message before placing an Order.

Packages :

Premium : 80$

  • Tag Manager/Pixel Setup
  •  Ad Tracking Pixel Audit
  •  Standards events tracking
  •  Custom events Tracking


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