What Is Email Marketing? Why Use Email Marketing?

Email Marketing

What Is Email Marketing? Why Use Email Marketing?

email marketing

When you want to grow your brand or sell your stuff, email marketing is one of the most popular and effective tools around for marketing campaigns. In the age of social media, it's tempting to write off email. However, there is statistical evidence that it remains an important aspect of marketing efforts. For instance:

Experts with the marketing company Litmus estimate that email returns an average of $42 for every $1 spent.

If you’re a bit confused about where to begin, that’s totally normal. Hang tight you will get to know :

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a powerful marketing channel, a form of digital as well as direct marketing, that uses email to promote your business’s products or services. It can be a great help to make your customers aware of your latest products and offers by integrating them into your marketing automation. It can also play a significant role in your marketing strategy with lead generation, brand awareness, building long-term relationships, or keeping your customers engaged between purchases through different types of marketing emails. Effective marketing emails convert prospects into customers and turn one-time buyers into loyal, raving fans.

Why email marketing is important?

We’ve covered the biggest question, what is email marketing, but haven’t gotten into why it plays a pivotal role in the growth of your business. Let’s talk about that now.

Email marketing is still ranked as the most effective marketing channel, beating out social media, SEO, and affiliate marketing, and unsolicited spam email (which is never a good marketing strategy, by the way)

Though there are many reasons why you should make email as one of your top priorities for marketing your brand, but here are the top 3:

1. Everyone (almost) Uses Email

A Hubspot survey states that 91% of consumers use email. That alone should be enough to convince you unless your industry accounts for the remaining 9% (hint: it doesn’t). Email presents an incredible opportunity to reach customers. Not only can you provide them with discounts, sales, coupon codes, new products, and more, they can share and forward those emails to anyone they’d like. A good email marketing strategy is to encourage customers to share offers as much as possible. Email is especially huge in the B2B world as it's the most prominent form of communication for 73% of businesses.

Did You Know?💡

At least 99% of consumers check their email on a daily basis? That can’t be said of any other communication channel.

2. You own your email List

On any social media platform, an account (along with all your fans and posts) could be suspended or deleted any time, for some reason (sometimes without reason) without notice. However, you own your email list. No one can take those leads away from you.

3. Email Converts Better

People who buy products marketed through email spend 138% more than those who do not receive email offers. In fact, email marketing has an ROI (returns on investment) of 4400%. That’s huge!

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Email marketing vs social media marketing

According to a survey, 59% of respondents were influenced by email when it came to purchasing decisions. A study of more than 1 billion shopping sessions in 2019 found that email marketing has a conversion rate of 2.3%, compared to 1% for social media.

One huge advantage of email over social media is that customers are more likely to see an email than social media. Just posting something on social media doesn't mean that everyone you want to see your message will see it. However, an email will sit in an inbox until it's read (or deleted). 

Ideally, email should go hand in hand with social media. Adding social media “Like” or “Share” buttons to your marketing emails gives an additional way for customers to connect with your brand. Some snippets of positive reviews from social media fans can be included in emails, and social media posts can drive customers to email newsletters.

Marketing through email can substantially increase your income if you do it correctly. It's a great way to get people to visit (and revisit) your website or blog. More traffic usually equates to more income.


If you’ve been ignoring email marketing, it’s time to reconsider your strategy. It delivers huge returns for marketers who know how to do it right.

  • First, remember you’re a guest in the inboxes of your subscribers. Your emails are always just one click away from losing their interest forever. Be polite, respectful, and deliver value.
  • Second, We’ll need to ask permission. Of course, it’s the right thing to do. In the era of new data protection, like the EU’s GDPR, it’s also a legal requirement.
  • You’ll want to follow through with the promises you make. Provide people with what they’ve asked for and email regularly to line up with their expectations.
  • There’s no formula for boosting email automation. It’s all about what works best for you and your company’s voice and style.

Finally, you can move on to email segmentation and analytics once you’ve mastered the basics. Start sending separate types of emails to different groups of people so you can deliver more useful emails.

More about email marketing

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